La Traviata Divino Ranks #15 in Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars of 2010

May 28, 2011 | edmckenna | 13 Comments


CAO La Traviata Divino
Perhaps the finest cigar ever made by CAO International Inc., the robusto-sized CAO La Traviata Divino represents a departure from the traditional type of cigar release for CAO. The company usually announces a new cigar with a considerable flash, such as when it launched the unique lighted boxes of CAO. Vision or the ultra-hip red lacquer box shaped like the trunk of a car for the CAO Sopranos Series. But with the La Traviata brand, CAO simply let the cigar speak for itself. Packed in plain, wooden containers, the Divino, which was released in U.S. cigar shops very late in 2009 (too late, in fact, to be part of last year’s Top 25 ranking), is a solid performer, a no-nonsense meaty and spicy smoke with notes of nuts and dark chocolate. And with a suggested retail price of only $4.95, it’s an amazing bargain as well.


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  • Ken Boyd 29/08/2011 9:23pm (10 years ago)

    The LaTraviata is my favorite cigar. The blend is truly unique. And I am a sucker for a camaroon.

  • Rickie Gilbert 25/07/2011 7:11pm (10 years ago)

    Since posting my comments I received e-mails from Mr. McKenna showing his concerning over losing me as a customer. He explained what had caused the delay in production of Eileen's Dream and appologised for the delay. Thanks to Mr McKenna I wish to return to CAO as a loyal user and customer. Thanks Ed

  • John Holden 07/07/2011 9:25pm (10 years ago)

    This is why I am loyal to CAO. They appreciate the need to provide a great cigar experience without the need to insult us with an unmanageable price. Those who smoke 3 or more sticks a day have to be careful how they spend their money. CAO knows how to provide a 20 dollar stick for 1//4th the price. I met Rick and he is customer focused just like Tim. I am so glad to see that. Lets hope the cigars continue to be the best value in the industry. Yes, I am a fan of the CAO experience and grateful for it. Great meeting you in Chicago, Rick.

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