Vision 2022

With Vision 2022, we’ve balanced our Nicaraguan past with our innovative future. With a smooth Nicaraguan blend wrapped in an incredible Honduran Jamastran leaf, the only thing more impressive than the cigar is the futuristic humidor-style box in which it comes. 

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Your Vision 2022 smoking experience begins at first sight. Your eyes catch the sleek humidor box as soon as it lights up. From there, touch-sensitive drawers invite you to view the cigars inside.  Drawn in by the reflective band, you inspect the flawless Honduran Jamastran wrapper, holding the all-Nicaraguan bunch within. 

This project is an homage to our Nicaraguan roots and an expression of future innovations. Amazingly smooth with a touch of subtle spice, Vision 2022 is a challenge to ourselves and to the industry to do the unexpected and deliver the unparalleled.

Vision 2022 is more than a cigar; it's a journey into the unknown, waiting to be illuminated. 

Cigar Profile

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Vision 2022



Honduran Jamastran


Nicaraguan Jalapa


Nicaraguan Condega, Nicaraguan Esteli, Nicaraguan Jalapa



Drink Pairing

Bourbon, Aged Rum, Port

Tasting Notes

Charred Wood, Peppery, Raisin, Cinnamon


6 X 52
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